24th November – Open Night at ROC35 – 21:00H

We open our doors to show you our space and the new gastronomic proposal for the season


Showcooking, tastings, guided tours with our architect, DJ and art by WAC


Peruvian cuisine workshop

See workshop

Japanese gastronomy: sushi workshop

You’ll learn to cook typical Japanese dishes like sushi, adapting their preparation to the household setting. See workshop

Pizza and focaccia workshop

A course in which you’ll familiarise yourself with the different flours, doughs and yeasts and learn how to make a delicious pizza in your home oven. See workshop

Avant-garde cuisine workshop

ROC35 has decided to dedicate an entire workshop to this elaborate, sophisticated and experimental style of cuisine. We will explore how to combine the properties of the food with the technological processes used to produce these dishes. See workshop

What do we do at ROC35?

ROC35 is a project designed so that architecture and gastronomy interplay with tradition and the avant-garde

Spacious rooms, high ceilings and bare-brick walls given a new lease of life to provide a space where things happen, a space for events

ROC35 offers gastronomic workshops and organises fun, participatory culinary events.roc&food
ROC35 is the ideal multi-functional space for MICE activities and corporate events.roc&business
You can hold any type of event, private dinner, birthday celebration, wedding, exhibition etc. at our facilities at ROC35.roc&fun
The uniqueness of the space makes ROC35 the perfect place for shoots and filming.roc&fashion