roc&fashion — shoots and filming

The uniqueness of the space makes ROC35 the perfect place for shoots and filming.

The unique design of the building and the architectural project implemented by ROC35 have made it a new location for film, advertising and fashion. ROC35’s team of audiovisual experts will be on hand to assist producers where necessary.

Espace rental

ROC35 has been designed as a multifunctional space that adapts to the particularities of each event. It’s facilities cover 400 m², distributed over three different areas that can be either divided or combined, in addition to a garden courtyard located between the two large main rooms with high ceilings and bare walls.

*Additional services available: coffee break, lunch, snacks, dinner.

TV set,
roc&fashion plan

Hall (A) 130 m²
Hall (B) 110 m²
Courtyard 80 m²