Avant-garde cuisine workshop

Chef Ascanio Pannuti will accompany us on this experience, showing us how to execute techniques that will allow us to free our imagination, creating new textures and giving each dish our own personal signature.

Duration: 2,5 h - Price: 48€
ROC35 taller gastronomia vanguardia
New techniques and their applications

Avant-garde cuisine is revolutionary, innovative and has a distinctive signature. Foam, spherification, and low-temperature cooking have stirred up the global gastronomic scene. ROC35 has decided to dedicate an entire workshop to this elaborate, sophisticated and experimental style of cuisine. We will explore how to combine the properties of the food with the technological processes used to produce these dishes.

¿Cómo funciona el taller?

ROC35’s workshops are dynamic and participative - all participants will prepare the dishes. At the end of the workshop, participants will enjoy a dinner in a unique space, in an informal and relaxed setting, where they can share the dishes they have cooked. ROC35 uses only local, organic products, as our aim is to promote a quality, sustainable and healthy diet.

Material included

The cost of the workshop includes: the class, the necessary material, a recipe book and the products for preparing and sampling the dishes.

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